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Install stove or dryer plug and run wire to it

Place an electric range plug on the wall

Dryer wiring during renovation

240V wall receptacle
Run wire to wall power socket
Add a 40 Amps outlet or relocate it
Mississauga licensed electrician installs dryers
Commercial wiring in restaurant or food processing facility
Run a dedicated line from the finished basement to the kitchen above it

Install dryer plug. Stove wiring electrician Mississauga
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Some walls in old houses have only one inch of empty space between the brick and lath, plaster or drywall, and sometimes that space is obstructed by plaster keys or is full of debris. This poses a huge challenge for wire fishing.

Snaking a wire through such old walls could or could not be possible. Yet, this electrician could bring the wire up to the spot without breaking the wall! And install a 240V range outlet in finished house or a 220V dryer wall receptacle.

We could wire a stove in finished basement, install a 30 Amp wall receptacle in condo.

People call us when they need to have something fixed in their kitchens or basements.