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Under cabinet light installation in the kitchen

Licensed electrician deals wires, switches and lights

These factors make under cabinet installation harder and longer:

1) Existing kitchen counter. Same job would take up to 5 fold less time if there was direct access to the wall. And if the counter was not there yet

2) The inconvenient orientation of the work surface, limited access, awkward posture, electrician's body position that is not natural or is out of a comfortable range of motion

3) Attractive slim low profile LED fixtures are very hard to install because of the small size. There isn't enough space to accommodate the wires and connectors inside. Please keep this in mind and try to buy installer friendly items that are at least 1 3/4 by 1 3/4 inch in cross section

Understandably, such seemingly simple project would take more time and cost more than you think

Tips for homeowners to cut kitchen renovation cost:

If a kitchen renovation project is under way, together with cabinet makers and installers, carefully mark the exact location of every above the counter plug, switch and light fixture. Then call an electrician. Adding new wiring or rewiring would be much faster and easier if there were no drywall, no counter and no cabinets

Today (2017) many LED fixtures are less bright than fluorescent of the same length or size. Keep this in mind when shopping. Consider buying two LEDs to replace one fluorescent

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