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Commercial Electricians in Mississauga
Power loss | Install light | Industrial repair
house | condo | building | store | restaurant

50 60 70 80 90 Absolute Ave. condo electrician Mississauga

Highly experienced, licensed, insured master electrician installs lights in units and suite

70 Absolute Ave. condo renovation rewiring
60 & 80 Absolute Ave. licensed electrician
light installation, switch & plug problems
90 Absolute Ave. small wiring repair
troubleshooting tripping breaker
50 Absolute Ave. emergency
restore no electricity
fix lost power

Commercial electrical contractor works with Mississauga suite owners, tenants, condo corporations and property management companies

We add pot lights into the hollow ceiling, run BX armored safe lines to new sockets, boxes, TVs, or appliances

condo electrician Absolute Ave. in Mississauga
call 7 am to 7 pm seven days a week
NO calls after 7 pm please


Adding, moving or relocating electrical boxes and fixtures in a building is difficult. It is often impossible considering concrete walls and ceiling.

Most board of directors have stringent guidelines regulating as to what renovation and alteration an owner can or cannot do or require a prior approval of the board.

Please consider the following BEFORE calling us unless it is a troubleshooting issue, light installation or similar minor repair.

Parking labyrinths, access, navigation, delays and waiting for passes, elevators, etc. make the same job in a tall building 20% to 50% more time consuming for the electrician, hence more expensive for you. If you renovated a house before, be prepared to pay more for the same job in a condominium.