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Commercial Electricians in Mississauga
Power loss | Install light | Industrial repair
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Emergency Troubleshooting and Power Loss Repair

Electrical contractor for minor problem or major outage

Fire detector keeps going off
Repair of power fault and failure
Smoke alarm is beeping or chirping
Troubleshoot & fix electrical problem
Emergency in house, store, factory, shop
Power outage in office, building & restaurant

Urgent replacement of:

short circuit
loss of power

electrical room
tripping breakers
electrical smoke fire
outage, failure, problem
malfunction after renovation
no-connection and no-contact
tree damage to transformer wires

Electrical emergencies and power loss repairs in Mississauga
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NO calls after 7 pm please


Available on Sunday for urgent work
Saturday fast power restoration in Mississauga

I am a building owner. We have suddenly lost 50% or more of lights and plugs. What should I do?

If there is no power outages reported in the area, building owner should hire a licensed journeyman to deal with the building’s own internal power problem. If the electrician determined that there was no fault in building systems, the owner should pay electrician, report situation to the local Hydro company and deal with them directly.