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Commercial Electricians in Mississauga
Power loss | Install light | Industrial repair
house | condo | building | store | restaurant

House and building panel upgrade with a 100 Amp, 200 Amp or 400 Amp main

New 100 or 200 amp breaker panel instead of 60 amp fuse

Mississauga house or building service replacement

High quality main breaker installed

All work is ESA inspected

We do:

Conduit replacement
New sub panel installation
Fix damaged service conduit

Problem resolved or eliminated
Upgrade to more branch circuits
Replace old boxes & equipment

Broken Service Conduit
has caused a localized fire

Restore power after thunderstorm
Upgrade to 100 Amp breaker box
Shut off, fuse & circuit replacement

Storm knocked down house power
Upgrade to 200 Amp breaker panel
Wind, fallen tree and lightning damage

Grounding to water & natural gas pipes
Replace a blown fuse or tripping breaker
Repair damaged service pipe & meter box

Toronto house fuses or building breakers

Mississauga commercial electrical contractor

five hours later a new meter box
and service conduit were installed

200 Amp service, 800 amp panel, 100 to 200 to 400 Amp upgrade, repair supply pipe, put a new mast or main building power line

Fuse panel upgrade in Mississauga. Replace fuse electrical panel
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