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Replace fuse box with a new breaker panel

We replace aging worrisome, inconvenient fuse sub-panels with a brand new breaker panels

Increase the number of breakers, add circuits, boost performance!

Clean up the messy wiring and brings it to code

The new contemporary power distribution item would drastically reduce the number of power outages in the house, loss of electricity in a store, eliminate the need of endlessly changing blown fuses in a restaurant, warehouse or building

Get an upgrade to a nice, clean, reliable, safe and worry free system!

Add or install a new subpanel, replace fuse boxes with new breaker panels in building, restaurant, store. Get rid off the obsolete system in a shop or unit

Sub panel upgrade electrician in Mississauga
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No contractor should or would add a sub panel onto a fully loaded 60 Amp main fuse or even 100 Amp main breaker box. Such pony panel and its branch circuits would eventually overload the system causing complete and repeated loss of power due to the main breaker trippings or fuse blowing.

A bigger main panel and service upgrade to more Amps is required instead, in such a case. This commercial electrician installs new larger items and devices with more capacity in homes and buildings.