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Light installation in condo

Hire a licensed electrician in Mississauga to:

-replace a switch that had not been working properly

- correct a luminaire problem

- install fixtures on the high ceiling in penthouse, a fan, or LEDs under kitchen counter

- take down an antique chandelier in the old condo and re-install it in the new one. We would handle its removal and installation at both places quickly and efficiently

Make a room with a solid concrete ceiling brighter. Add luminaires, extra outlet boxes and switch.

The easiest way to give more light to concrete ceiling is to install track lights or LED strips horizontally on the wall near the corner and point them up

Also consider double sided wall mounts producing both downward and upward rays. Pick their locations so that they do not impede, obstruct or limit your movement

We can put tracks or strips on the ceiling near the wall - parallel or perpendicular to the wall

Yet another option is to run a wireway on the concrete (as shown on the top picture with a fan). If the wall is hollow, there will be NO visible wiremold from the switch up and the entire vertical run would be concealed behind the drywall. Unfortunately, the exposed wireway/wiremold is never aesthetically pleasing

The most expensive ways to get your suite brighter are:

- build a bulkhead around perimeter with recessed luminaires inside

- attach faux beam(s). Or hang one or more hollow beams that are a bit lower than ceiling and are open at the top, generating downward as well as upward illumination through gaps either above or below, or both

If an in-wall hidden wiring is necessary, some wall cutting and hole making would be required and performed

Only an armored BX wire or metal conduit could be used in buildings. And only a licensed electrical contractors is permitted to handle this kind of work. Even a self-employed licensed electrician is NOT allowed to do it. Otherwise it's a provincial offense

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