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Discount condo plug or light installation

Replace wall outlet, add dimmer, repair power issue

A very simple basic light fixture takes about 10 minutes to install. But even the simplest one could take much more time if the ceiling was higher than 10 feet, a part was missing, if it was an installer unfriendly, or if it had, for example, a damaged part.

Putting crystals on a large hallway or high ceiling loft chandelier could take hours. Track light installation requires much more time than 10 mins as well as high tech, artistic and designer light fixtures. In most cases, the more high tech it is, the longer and harder it is to hang it up.

Other tasks like unpacking, assembling the new lights and taking the old ones down, moving furniture, etc. also take time.

I am a licensed electrician, highly experienced, fast and handy. If everything is simple, basic, installer friendly and nothing is broken or missing, you would pay from $160 to $200 for one or five pieces hung up. But it could be more expensive too.

My work starts from the moment of arrival and ends at the moment of payment.

When working in buildings, the time is counted from the instant of my arrival at the building, not from the moment of getting into the condo unit or suite. Please advise in advance if you are willing to meet me downstairs and help with the parking and navigation. This alone could save up to 40 minutes of my time and up to $40 of your money.

Most condo associations, corporations, managers, boards of directors or documents do not allow you to hang up a light fixture or replace a switch yourself. Owners or tenants must hire a licensed electrician to deal with their luminaries or fix power problems.

Check the rules before touching anything in your suite. Comply with the Condominium Act, declaration and bylaws!

All electricians must be licensed in Ontario and show evidence of same. Your best bet is to call the number below and ask me to produce the certificate of qualification upon arrival.

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